• Guided Children's Tours

Theatre Education in Bad Elster


Theatrical Prologue & Discussions

If desired, we would be happy to organise a short lecture to introduce you to the play and, if possible the opportunity to discuss with the participating artists after the performance in our theater. General information about the piece, the author, or theatrical processes will be presented and questions answered.

A view behind the scenes

Theatre Tours

What does a general music director do? How old is the theater? How does theatrical technology work? Who opens the curtains? These and other questions will be answered when groups come on, behind, or below the stage, when they view the historical audience areas and tour the King Albert Theatre or NatureTheatre. Kindergarten children, school groups, staff outings as well as clubs – with these tours, you can satisfy your curiosity by taking a look at the world of theatre.

Experience Theatre

How about a student internship?

A variety of very different careers come closely together to make a theatrical production run. Before the actors can take a bow after the premiere, the directorship, marketing department, administration and technology departments have to put a lot of things in motion. If you want to be a part of the action, then apply with us for an internship – we appreciate every helping hand!

Harmony Up Close!

Exciting Orchestera Rehersal

What does the conductor do with the baton? Why do the musicians write strokes on their scores? Why do professionals have to practice? These could all be possible questions – but an orchestra rehersal is sometimes an unpredictable adventure with surprising turns. The conductor explains interesting facts about the orchestra and the Chursächsische Philharmonic welcomes you to have a glimpse of an orchestra rehersal. All questiona are welcome!

The Philharmonic on Tour

The musicians of the Chursächsische Philharmonic are happy to visit music classes at your school and present the ensemble's repertoire as well as the various instruments. Ask us!

Stories from the Baths

Museum Tours

The theatrical developments in Bad Elster are closely connected to the town's history. The modernly designed Sächsische Bademuseum in der KunstWandelhalle presents the various stages of this interesting history on the upper floors, while the lower floors are devoted to the geological and geographical aspects of this development. We gladly provide tours for kindergarten children and school groups through our unique exhibits (also in combination with a town tour) – regional history up close!

Watch out, Art!

Discover art

Various art exhibits take place year round in the gallery in the Royal Convalescene House and in the KunstWandelhalle. We welcome you to visit these or to take a stroll along the Art Mile in Bad Elster. If desired, we also offer talks with the artists as well as workshops.