General Terms and Conditions of the Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH Bad Elster

1. General  

The general terms and conditons (GTC) govern the relationshop between the Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH (hereinafter "CVG") and the visitors of their events.

In particular, according to the purchase and use of admission tickets for the events, the access to event venues as well as behaviour in the spaces where the events take place.

By purchasing or using an admission ticket, the respective purchaser or owner of said ticket (hereinafter "customer") accepts the validity of these GTC. The GTC are also valid for events organised by third-parties, as far as other terms are not agreed upon.

2. Ticket Orders (Advance Sales) via the Tourist Information Bad Elster

The Tourist Information Bad Elster at the Royal Convalescence House Bad Elster, Badstraße 25, 08645 Bad Elster is generally open daily from 10:00am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 6:00pm. Opening time changes will be indicated in a timely manner.

Tickets may be purchased via telephone, in writing, by fax, by email or on location. For written orders as well as email orders, we require the date and title of the desired event, the number of tickets as well as your preferred seat. The customer will then receive written confirmation of the order. 

With pleasure we send the tickets on calculation. Up to an order value of 50,00 € a forwarding expenses-all-inclusice of 1,00 € is raised, on this occasion, with orders more than 50,00 € the dispatch of the maps is free.

Ordered and sent admission ticket(s) are to be payed without deduction within the time period indicated (normally 10 days) via electronic transfer to the back account indicated on the invoice, also stating the invoice number as the reason for payment. 

In the event of a delayed payment, the CVG reserves the right to demand overdue fees of a respectable amount. If no payment is made, the admission tickets will no longer be valid. Furthermore, the customer may be billed the expenses incurred.

The admission tickets remain property of the CVG until payment is received in full, the delivery of tickets occurs at the risk of the seller.

Payment at the Tourist Information can be made in cash, with debit card (ec-card), or with a credit card (VISA, Mastercard – not American Express). 

The commerical resale of admission tickets is only permitted with authorisation of the CVG.

For specific events, the CVG reserves the right to limit ticket purchase to one ticket per person.

3. Ticket Reservation via the Tourist Information Bad Elster

Tickets may be reserved via telephone, in writing, by fax or by email.

For written reservations, as well as reservations by email or fax, we require the date and title of the desired, the number of tickets as well as the preferred seat. The customer will then receive written confirmation of the reservation. 

Ticket reservations for events will be held at a maximum of 14 days. During this period, the tickets may be collected from the Tourist Information Bad Elster, or can be delivered by post together with the invoice. Unclaimed reservations loose their validity 14 days after the order. In the event that the desired event takes place within this 14 day period, the reserved tickets are to be claimed at the Tourist Information Bad Elster by 6:00pm at the latest for evening events, or by 12:30pm for afternoon events. After this time, there is no further claim to the reserved tickets. In exceptional situations and when explicitly desired, the reserved tickets can be transferred to the event box office. Here, the tickets must be claimed at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the event. However, should the tickets not be claimed, the customer will still receive an invoice for the ticket price.

4. Ticket Reservation, Ticket Orders at External Booking Offices

Event tickets can also be obtained from external advance booking offices or online ticket portals, e.g.Germany-wide from all CTS advance ticket sellers, from all recognised  booking offices of the Freien Presse in southwest Saxony or online at

Advance ticket sales in these cases are then governed by the general terms and conditons of the respective service provider. The ticket price may  (e.g. due to additional sales fees) differ from the stated CVG prices.

Claim is not entitled for the availability of admission tickets for all events or availability of all seats to external advance ticket sellers, just as not all discounts will be granted.

5. Event Box Offices

Our box offices at the König Albert Theatre and at the NatureTheatre open respectively 60 minutes before  the beginning of the event (30 minutes before the beginning of afternoon children's events) and 30 minutes before curtain for all other events.

Delayed box office openings may occur in exceptional cases.

Payment of admission tickets may be made exclusively in cash and at the König Albert Theatre additionally with debit card (ec-card) or credit card (VISA, Mastercard – no American Express).

6. Ticket Prices 

The admission prices shall be announced via advertisements within the event venues, at the Tourist Information Bad Elster and in publications by the Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH. Special regulations may be established for specific events. All price quotations will be carefully inspected prior to publication, however, liability shall not be held for errors and, above all, printing mistakes in individual publications.

There is no legal entitlement to prices published by the regional press, or other media, not produced by the Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH.

7. Discounts

Discounts may be made available for treatment cardholders, disabled persons as well as children/school students /
and university students. However, these tickets may only be purchased with proof of the respective authority. Identification is to be carried with the person during the performance. Escorts of severely disabled persons with the appropriate identification, shall in most cases receive a discount on the regular ticket price.

Exempt heretofor are events that include culinary services or events, of which the Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH is not the organiser.

Holders of a reader's card from the Freie Presse, the EnviaMCard or VogtlandCard, the EgronetTicket and holders of the Saxon HonoraryCard receive an appropriate discount off of the regular ticket price for many events. Exempt hereof are services that include fine dining as well as events, of which the Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH is not the organiser. This discount arrangement is only valid for advance ticket purchases at the Tourist Information Bad Elster. Legitimation (e.g. display of identification/a card) of the respective discount must occur prior to the purchase of tickets – a later alteration cannot be taken into consideration.

Specific advance sale and reservation regulations apply for group orders (from 20 persons) for events organised by the Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH. Further information hereto can be aquired directly at the Tourist Information Bad Elster.

8. Refunding, Cancellation and Exchange of Tickets/Gift Certificates

The CVG is not required to take back previously purchased tickets. No compensation will be made for events not visited, for late arrivals or for expired tickets or gift certificates. 

At the discretion of the CVG, individual admission tickets may be exchanged within 6 hours before the relevant event for tickets of an equal value, but for a different event. Or tickets may be exchanged for a gift certificate of an equal value, or refunded minus a cancellation fee of 10%  of the ticet price of at least 1.- Euro per ticket.

Exempt heretofor are events connected with culinary services, here the exchange/return period is 10 days.

Casting and programme alternations do not justify ticket refunds or exchanges.

In exceptional cases, performance changes or cancellations may occur. Only in such cases may admission tickets be returned or exchanged free of charge. The return/exchange period is 14 days.

9. Ticket Loss

In the event of ticket loss, a customer may be issued a replace ticket only once. The replacement ticket may only be issued when the visitor can plausibly prove which ticket was booked (exact row and seat location, identification). In the case of double occupancy, the holder of the replacement ticket has preferance over the original ticket holder.

10. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates of various values for an individually chosen event

may be purchased at the Tourist Information Bad Elster. Gift certificates may also be ordered via telephone, in writing, by email or fax. The gift certificate can be delivered together with the invoice. For the postal delivery of gift certificates, the same conditions apply as under 2.) for the delivery of admission tickets. Gift certificates may only be redeemed after payment has been completely received. 

The gift certificate's validity is, as far as not otherwise stated, unlimited.

 11. Admission

Admission into the respective auditorium usually begins 30 minutes before the curtain call. In exceptional cases, the admission may be delayed or earlier admission may be allowed.

Latecomers may not be admitted. After the performance has begun, ticketholders may only be admitted during the appropriate pauses, e.g. during applause, out of respect to the other guests and the artists. Latecomers do not hold claim to their booked seat. Depending on the performance, the time of admittance during the intermission may be postponed or completely ruled out. In this case, there is no claim for a refund of the ticket price.

12. Behaviour During the Performance

Smoking is prohibited in all event venues of the CVG. We request that smokers only smoke within the explicitly marked areas. Food and drinks may not be taken or consumed within the auditorium, with exceptions only for particular events with catering. The use of potentially disruptive devices (e.g. mobile telephones, cameras) is not permitted during the performance. Failure to comply can lead to exclusion from further events. The instructions of event employees should be followed and respected in all circumstances.

13. Cloakroom Services

Overcoats, large bags, umbrellas and similar items are to be checked at the cloakroom at the König Albert Theatre and during many events at the Royal Convalescene House.

When items are checked at the cloakroom, the visitor receives a cloakroom token in exchange. The cloakroom fee shall be charged per person. Checked items should be claimed directly after the end of the event. Items will be returned without further verification upon confirmation with the respective cloakroom token. 

Specific regulations may come into action for school/children's.

14. Wheelchair Seating

The theatre has a limited number of seating for guests in wheel chairs. Visitors that require such seating, must indicate this at the time of ticket purchase. Otherwise, wheel chair seating for the performance may not be secured for the visitor. During admission, the guest should seek out the service personnel located at the side side entrance. Parking is also available when the appropriate disabled person badge is visable in the vehical. The number of disabled parking places is limited and cannot be guarenteed for every guest with a disability.

15. Performance Interruption, Termination

No compensation will be made for performance cancellations resulting from strikes or acts of nature beyond control.

Should a performance be stopped after at least 20 minutes of performance time through acts of nature beyond control (e.g. poor weather conditions for outdoor events, injury of an artist, threats of violence), there shall be no claim for refunds or repetition of the event. Any form of compensation is exempt. No compensation shall be made for events not.

If an event has already been cancelled or postponed prior to its begin, the purchased tickets will remain valid for a possible replacement performance (will be announced on location or via telephone), or they can be exchanged for tickets for another performance. Exchange is possible within 14 days. If no other performance is visited, the tickets may be sent within 14 days of the cancelled performance to the Tourist Information Bad Elster, Kgl. Kurhaus, 08645 Bad Elster together with bank account information for a refund.

Potentially payed advance sale fees, provisions or other fees will not be refunded. Refunds will only be payed via electronic transfer. Group discounted tickets can only be returned as a whole. Tickets returned beyond the 14 day period cannot be refunded due to accounting reasons.<strong/>

16. Lost and Found

Items of all sorts found within the area of the theatre should be returned to the cloakroom or visitor service personell. The loss of personal items should also be reported to the cloakroom or visitor service personell. Lost items, that are later noticed, can be reported to the Touristinformation Bad Elster. The CVG is not liable for the replacement of lost items.

17. Events at the NatureTheatre Bad Elster

The performances at the NatureTheatre Bad Elster will take place - unless annouced otherwise - also during unpleasant weather conditions. It is possible that the event begin may be delayed, or the performance may be interrupted, due to poor weather conditions. We recommend that our guests utilise warm and rainproof clothing. We request that umbrellas not be used, as these hinder the visability of other guests. Raincapes may be purchased at the box office (as long as in stock). 

Before the beginning of the performance, guests may enquire at the Tourist Information Bad Elster, whether the event will be cancelled due to poor weather or if it will be moved to another venue. (Tel.: 037437/53900 / web:

Should the performance be nevertheless cancelled due to acts of an uncontrolable nature after at least, there shall be no claim – as is the case for most outdoor performances to discounted prices or repeat performances. Further information can be found under point 15. Performance Interruption, Termination. 

Animals or pets are not allowed within the performance venue.

For selected events at the NatureTheatre, a venue shift to the König Albert Theatre may be already planned in advance (Reference Seating System). Tickets booked  from the price group 1 and 2 receive a seat at the König Albert Theatre. Booked tickets in other price groups (3 and 5 as well as 11 and 12) have no seat claim - in this case, the ticket price will be refunded! Tickets that entitle a seat at the König Albert Theatre, are indicated with a respective reference number, tickets not entitled are labled "no seat claim". 

18. Photo, Video and Audio Recordings

Photographic, film, video and audio recordings as well as electronic recordings of all kinds are not permitted during performances.

In the event that photographic or audio recordings may be made by authorised persons (e.g. press, radio) during a public performance, the theatre visitor declares his/her agreement with the purchase of the admission ticket, that he/she may be part of the photograph/audio recording, and that the recording may be published without claim to compensation.

19. Data Protection

The CVG reserves the right to process and store customer data received in connection with business operations under the legislation of the Federal Data Protection Act. This information will be managed securely and will not be forwarded to third parties.

20. Liability, Indemnification

The CVG is not liable for the services and prices of other providers.

The CVG shall not be held liable, or shall not provide compensation for any form of personal or property damages, so far as the theatre, its legal representative or its subcontractor has not acted in a wilful or grossly negligent manner.

21. Season Passes (Claims)

Subscriptions can only be applied for at the Tourist Information Bad Elster. A Season Pass may be booked at any time, even if the season has already begun. By booking a subscription, the customer agrees to a contract with the CVG that is legally valid for both parties.

Subscription Duration

The subscription shall be purchased for the duration of one season (September to August) and is automatically exctended for a season, if it is not cancelled in writing by June 15, within the current season. The variety and children's subscribtion are exempt heretofor.

If a subscription is cancelled early due to exceptional reasons, the performances that have already taken place will be billed at the full box office price up to a maxium sum of the whole subscription price.


Once a season, a subscription event may be exchanged for an event from another subscription or repeat performance (Exception: theatre bus subscription). The subscription exchange must occur at least one day before the original event and can only be redeemed by presenting the subscription pass at the Tourist Information Bad Elster.


The subscriber recieves along with the season pass an overview of the event dates. The Season Pass is a valid admission ticket. In the event of alterations of already established events, the subscriber will be informed in a timely manner. Should an event be cancelled due to operational reasons, the CVG will provide a replacement event. 

With the subscription, the customer receives - in as far as possible - a permanent seat. Seating exchanges are only possible prior to the event's beginning. The CVG reserves the right to claim seats due to artistic or technical reasons. In such cases, the customer will be informed in a timely manner.

Name changes or address changes should be immediately reported to the CVG.

22. Place of Jurisdiction and Severability Clause

Should singluar sections/subpoints of these GTC be invalid, the validity of the other sections remains unaffected as a part of the whole. 

Plauen is the place of jurisdiction. German Law shall apply

These terms and conditions apply as of October 1, 2011.